54th; International Boat Show
Ucina Genova In Blue


27th January 1962, 2.00 p.m.: the 1st International Boat Show is opened by the Undersecretary to the Treasury, Senator Alfonso De Giovine, in the presence of Fiera di Genova President - Mr Giuseppe De André -, Genoa Mayor - Mr Vittorio Pertusio -, the Archibishop - cardinal Giuseppe Siri -, the Prefect - Mr Pianese -, the British Ambassador, and Italian and foreign politicians and military representatives. The first International Boat Show required great organisational efforts by Fiera di Genova, as this was its first experience, and the fairgrounds were partially still under construction. The show is visited by a considerable number of people, and arouses great interest in the public. Various economic sectors are represented, and many foreign exhibitors participate. The entrance fee is ITL 250. Various aspects immediately highlight excellent chances to improve and further develop the show, through different stages, which will lead the Show to a great success. The first edition of the Boat Show was combined with the 2nd National Trailer - Camping Show, and the 5th International Sports and Camping Show. The Show was visited by, among others: the Japanese and Ivory Coast ambassadors; business delgations from Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Denmark, Lebanon, and Yugoslavia; Mr Umberto Agnelli; Mr Olivetti; Mr Bruno, 'Centrale' Managing Director; Mr Campanella, SIAC Managing Director; the shipowners Mr Fassio, Mr Grimaldi, and Mr Corrado; the President of the Italian Aviation Federation, Count Agusta; Lord Guy Neville Montague; the famous naval architect, Mr Uffa Fox; the President of CONI (the Italian National Olympic Committee), Mr Onesti; Prince Colonna; Admiral Baslini, Captain of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea; and other prominent personalities. Surface: 30,000 square meters, extending over Pavilion C, the basin, and the inner water channel. Exhibitors: 585, 430 of whom at the Boat Show only (60% Italian; 40% from abroad); countries: 16; visitors: 300,000, one third from the rest of Italy and from abroad.


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